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Letters of Objection and Responses

Site under construction: two letters of objection have arrived. We DO NOT HAVE permission to post letters to the City of Del Mar, CA. Please contact the Del Mar City Clerk to secure a copy. Essentially, both letters raised safety and liability concerns. The quiet zone solution is in conformity with the Federal Railroad Act (FRA). Some believe installation of a horn in the intersection will increase safety. A premise of the investigatory and design process has been to assure that safety always trumps nuisance!make your donation...

Timeline for the Quiet Zone Committee




The following Information is Adapted from the Presentation made by David Scherer to the City Concil on January 24, 2011

Download a .pdf version of this presentation here.

Project Breakdown

Council authorized a contract with JMD Planning and Engineering for a preliminary study of the railroad crossing at Coast Boulevard for $18,000. The Quiet Zone Committee funded the City of Del Mar for this study and the technical drawings

Wayside Horn Presentation to
Del Mar Quiet Zone Committee - 12/16/09

What Is A Wayside Horn?

Example Wayside Horn Set-up

The Dream

Before The Horn - Red area = 90 dBs+ / Blue area = 80-90 dBs

Field Test

Del Mar –April 22, 2010
May 17, Quiet Zone Committee came before Council and advised test was a success and sought approval to move forward with design of system.

Contract With NCTD For Design

On November 15th, City Manager Karen Brust signed contract with NCTD for Design of Wayside System. The Quiet Zone Committee funded this contract at a cost of $17,548.

Estimate For Complete System

As of March 16, 2011 the estimated costs by NCTD for full build-out of Wayside Horn System is $363,317.

Open House

Hosted by City, Quiet Zone Committee and NCTD to share project with residents.
•March 2, 2011 at 6pm at the Del Mar City Hall Annex
•Notice to Residences 300 feet from RR - 8th to 21st Street
•Signs Posted at 17th and near crossing
•Web Posting and Web Blast