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We are available to meet with any community members interested in the project. Please feel free to fill the contact form below if you have any questions.

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Letters of Objection and Responses

Site under construction: two letters of objection have arrived. We DO NOT HAVE permission to post letters to the City of Del Mar, CA. Please contact the Del Mar City Clerk to secure a copy. Essentially, both letters raised safety and liability concerns. The quiet zone solution is in conformity with the Federal Railroad Act (FRA). Some believe installation of a horn in the intersection will increase safety. A premise of the investigatory and design process has been to assure that safety always trumps nuisance!make your donation...

A personal letter from Lee Stein about the Del Mar Quiet Zone

Does the noise from the train horn bother you or your family? If I told you that the train horn can be eliminated would you want that to be accomplished? If so, how much is that worth to you personally? I and a few others have been working on this issue for the past year. As set forth in this package, I can assure you that we can greatly reduce the train noise, minimizing this nuisance to our community.

The cost is $375,000 (+)(-) and we have a window of about 120 days to eliminate the train horn. Are you interested? If we miss the window I am not sure that we will be able to get the various municipal entities properly aligned and focused again.

The timeline shows that we have already funded the City of Del Mar for the design development work. As a result, they have formally signed a contract with the North County Transit District "NCTD" for the design development work. The design is simple and appropriate. Instead of the train blasting the horn as it approaches the 15th street intersection, a "directional" horn will be placed in the intersection facing towards the ocean. When the train passes your home, rather then blasting the horn, it will send a signal to the intersection and a focused horn in the intersection will sound with a minimum footprint. *(In case of emergency, the train operator would still be able to sound his conventional horn.) A map of the sound footprints (current and new) can be found in this brochure. I think you will be impressed at the difference. We facilitated a test attended by the City of Del Mar, the NCTD, the Federal Railroad Administration, and local residents, which was viewed unanimously as successful.

Again, our window is about 120 days. The NCTD design which we funded will enable the formal bidding process and final budgeting. The City and the NCTD will not bid the work unless private funding for the entire project (~$275,000) is committed. Donations are tax deductible (501(c)3). Community recognition and naming rights on a plaque near the intersection are also worth a discussion.

Please contact me as soon as you can with your level of interest in making our community quieter and more serene. Thank you in advance for your support.

Lee Stein

Should donors prefer to make donations via the Del Mar Foundation,
a fund agreement has been drafted:

A letter from the City Attorney regarding tax deductible status of
donations made to the City of Del Mar

The following agreement was signed by Quiet Zone Committee Members who
donated the funds needed for the project design fund